Railway Eco Driving Systems


Railway Eco Driving Systems


Railway Eco Driving Systems


is a tool designed to improve railway safety and energy efficiency through train drivers competence development using monitoring and incentive systems.



Increased safety and punctuality

GPS and energy use data coupled with instructor knowledge and experience help train drivers develop their ability to drive safely, punctually and effectively.

Cost control

On-line energy use monitoring enables improved cost control, diagnosing sources of inefficiency and implementing corrective measures.

Savings potential

Implementing an incentive system for train drivers encourages economical driving leading to energy savings of up to 20%.

Engaging train drivers

Implementing an incentive system raises train drivers engagement and motivation which leads to a lasting efficiency increase.


A modern mobile train trainer using real control devices to train train drivers in the field of effective train driving, familiarization with railway routes and practicing unusual situations. Possible configuration with virtual reality (VR) support and/or screen mode.


A platform for analytics and position recommendations for operators and users of extensive infrastructure

REDS S.A. is implementing a project co-financed from European Funds “Creating a system of dynamic recommendations for optimal train guidance using big-data and machine learning technologies”

The aim of the project is to develop a prototype of a system supporting the driver’s work. Despite the insufficiently computerized railway infrastructure, the system is to generate dynamically adjusted recommendations in real time to optimize energy consumption and improve punctuality.

Project value: PLN 1,561,611.26

Project co-financing from the EU: PLN 1,150,100.13


Using ECODRIVING system enables on-line situation analysis and immediate reaction in case of any anomalies.

Management and reporting tool suited to your needs

Management and reporting dashboards suited to their users- train drivers receive information about their rides and achieved efficiency, instructors receive efficiency reports on their subordinate drivers, while managers can see the company-wide energy efficiency and energy use indicators.

Comprehensive company traction energy use characteristic

Using energy use data from meters and current position from GPS trackers the system enables management and controlling to perform efficiency analysis and comparison for different drivers, rolling stock and routes.

Excess power use monitoring for parked trains

Swift information concerning excess train heating or cooling of parked trains enables significant energy consumption reduction. Heating and cooling curves, determined using electricity meter data, enable heating characteristic comparison for different types of rolling stock.


The mobile training station gives you the opportunity to conduct even the most unusual train driver training anywhere!

Simulated driver’s cabin

In the VR mode, we provide a faithfully reproduced driver’s cabin, for the screen mode, we have prepared a driver’s desktop with screens.

Application of real vehicle components

Key vehicle controls such as actuators, vigilance button and switches come from railroad manufacturers and are arranged in accordance with UIC standards.

Simulation of train systems

he simulator may include train radio communication system. One instructor can support several students at the same time.

The route and railway infrastructure

It is possible to develop any real section of the railway route with stations or its modification for training purposes. We map track layouts, signaling and other important elements of infrastructure.

Simulation of train physics and energy consumption

We have developed an advanced train dynamics model, which is particularly important for mapping freight train movements and accurately measuring power and energy consumption.

Full control over the training scenario

Ability to create any training scenario, including timetable, signal indications, weather conditions, unusual events. During the simulation, the instructor can influence the course of the training.

Small size and high mobility of the solution

Our stand is adapted to frequent transport. Thanks to the set of transport boxes on wheels, it is possible to transport the trainer in a minivan or a small van.

VR goggles or large wide screen

Depending on the customer’s needs, we offer two variants of the solution. It is also possible to create a hybrid version that supports both imaging methods.


The implementation of the ECODRIVING and ECOSAFE systems results in many measurable benefits. Here are the most important of them:

Increasing security and punctuality

The use of data on trips and substantive knowledge of instructors allows you to improve the skills of safe, punctual and effective driving of train drivers.

Costs control

The ability to monitor energy consumption on an ongoing basis will allow for better cost control, diagnosing the causes of inefficiency and implementing corrective actions.

Saving potential

The implementation of an incentive system for train drivers encourages them to drive trains economically, which can reduce electricity consumption by up to 20%.

Involvement of train drivers

The implementation of the incentive system increases the commitment and motivation of train drivers, which translates into a lasting effect of improving efficiency. Lessons in the use of the trainer allow you to better understand the principles of eco-driving.


So far, we have had the pleasure of working with both public sector entities and private enterprises.

Referencje – Koleje mazowieckie – en

Donata Nowakowska

Press Secretary of Koleje Mazowieckie

“Installation of electrical energy meters on traction vehicles has enabled the company to change the way it settled its energy bill. Eco Driving is based on implementing an ICT system that makes effective energy management possible in the following areas: heating, AC and train rides.”

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REDS SA is a joint-stock company established in 2015 by the originators of the project, Audytel SA, and the investment funds Giza Private Ventures and the Polish Institute of Research and Development.

In 2017-2018, REDS SA ran the Eco Learning project with funding from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The aim of the project was to develop and produce, based on existing tools and solutions, an economic driving trainer for rail vehicle drivers, which is an extension of the already existing ones. systems. Eco Learning is a concept of a training console using virtual reality technology to radically reduce the cost compared to existing simulator solutions on the market. The solution is mobile, easy to adapt to the local conditions of the railway operator and cheaper than classic solutions. As a result of the Eco Learining project, the ECOSAFE console was created.

Since 2017, we have been delivering our solutions to Koleje Mazowieckie, and since 2018 also to SKM in Warsaw. REDS SA can also be proud of providing software for a VR simulator in India. Among our contractors there are also companies that train train drivers. Currently, the REDS team combines people with various experiences and competences. Thanks to a simple, undeveloped structure, we are able to act quickly, dynamically and effectively.


If you want to learn more about our system – contact us to arrange a meeting.


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